We will have a positive impact on all the communities we work in

With our CSR partner we are committed to having a positive impact in our communities, whether that’s in India, South America, the USA or in the United Kingdom. We promote equality, support inclusion and develop opportunities.

Grassroots Community Engagement

Grassroots Community Engagement

As part of our community engagement, we support programmes in India to provide thousands of free treatments to alleviate and cure needless blindness. We provide vital nutrition to children in Costa Rica and the United Kingdom to support their physical and emotional development. And we help to provide 3D printed bionic limbs to disabled younger people in the United Kingdom.

Our people also volunteer their time to other causes they’re personally close to. Giving this time back allows colleagues to feel connected to their communities and supports our social purpose.

Cornea Institute

Between 2016 and 2019 we helped to fund 43,255 surgical procedures to cure and alleviate blindness.

Food Support

We are helping to support grassroots projects to combat child food poverty and holiday hunger in South America and in the United Kingdom

Future Bionics

We are supporting the free provision of state-of-the art bionic limbs to disabled children and teenagers in the United Kingdom.