With the support of our not-for-profit CSR partner, our goal is to become a sustainable business that contributes to communities.

As a company we are determined to be responsible, adhering to strong ethical and environmental standards. We accept our responsibility to be transparent, resolve problems, regularly review our business practices and collaborate with others to protect the rights of workers, particularly those who are most vulnerable to exploitation. As part of our commitment to transparency we require all of our new vendors to contribute details of their factories to theĀ Open Apparel Registry.

Through our CSR partner the Tej Kohli Foundation we actively invest a portion of our annual profits into not-for-profit projects that help poor and underserved communities to thrive. Together we are making direct interventions into communities to solve problems associated with inequality and poverty, such as blindness and childhood hunger. With our partner we are also funding the development of scientific and technological innovations to prevent and end major global health challenges:


Surgical procedures funded and completed to cure blindness in underserved communities.


Children are fed for free every day for 365 days each year at our free canteens in Costa Rica.


Genetic vaccine for COVID-19 developed in the USA with our funding support.